Four Steps to Implement Change Management with SharePoint


Consumers expect a new relationship with businesses, which means that businesses need a new way to work – one enabling them to access information quickly, collaborate rapidly, and do so on any device at any time.  

Legacy file shares and enterprise content management platforms won’t cut it, which is why many companies are turning to Microsoft SharePoint to improve the speed and quality with which they work. 

The technology is there, but in many cases, the adoption is not. According to AIIM, nearly half of companies report their SharePoint implementation was unsuccessful. Why? 58 percent of respondents say change management is the major issue for user reluctance to use SharePoint. 

In this eBook, we’ll give you the four steps to ensure your change management project for Microsoft SharePoint is a success: 

1.  Planning and sponsorship 
2. Awareness 
3. Learning 
4. Readiness and adoption 

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