Leap and the Net Will Appear: Risk & Reward in the World of SharePoint

Leap and the Net Will Appear

Risk & Reward in the World of SharePoint

Speakers: Simeon Cathey & Heather Newman | Content Panda

Innovation and the pioneering spirit is the "why" of what we do and who we are. Not just for us at Pandaworks, but for everyone who makes the brave leap onto a new, game-changing platform.

Dealing with the risk inherent in a big change like that…even embracing it…is at the foundation of leadership.  It's also at the heart of our product: Content Panda for SharePoint.

In this webinar, we'll show how we help businesses innovate and bring their own pioneering spirit into their SharePoint environments--with the full knowledge that the net will, indeed, appear.  We'll demonstrate how Content Panda for SharePoint mitigates risk, reinforces change management and--most importantly--leads to successful, confident adoption. We understand SharePoint users need to feel safe before they feel empowered, and we've built tools that give them that confidence and independence right from the beginning. Tools you can use to provide guidance and support, and they can use to help themselves.

Come join us and hear a bit about our own journey, and how we can help make yours easier and more successful.